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see where we can be if we press fast forward
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It has been such a long week and I still have a lot of work to do that I am... choosing to ignore at the moment. With a meme. Stolen shamelessly from eppic.

Comment with a fandom and two characters, and any prompt you'd like to give. I'll tell you about a time when they kissed.
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luna doesn't really understand holidays.

Mistletoe, clutched in her hand, was tickling the back of his neck. Nargle free. Had to be.

She had come skipping in with it. Before he could explain that this wasn't the right time of the year, not even close, she was dangling it above them with one hand and placing the other on his chest, leaning in.

Luna tasted like sweet, like Chocolate Frogs, and spicy like the onion she stirred in her Gillywater. And she let out this shocked little sound when he started to respond. Fred was sure it was the first time she'd been surprised by anything.

She pulled back almost as quickly as she pulled in. Her cheeks were bright red. A sharp contrast to her pale skin and wide, silvery eyes. It wasn't, he forced to concede with some horror, exactly unappealing.

Not at all, in fact, particularly when paired with that placid yet oddly mischievous smile.

A silence hung between them, punctuated by heavy breathing, most of which he realized was probably coming from him. Then Luna gently pulled his head down. The feel of her hot breath on his ear made him dizzy, kind of like getting in the head by a Bludger.

"April Fool's," she whispered, then let go, skipping away.


Glad you liked it, I had fun writing it.

May Parker and Jake Grimm.

more like two times they kissed, actually.

She had been in this situation before. With Franklin.

Okay, not exactly this situation. Facing down the Son of Seth and his army of Serpent goons was kind of new. Also, Dad wasn't around to kill the moment. Still, this wasn't the first she found herself in the arms of one of the Fantastic Five, staring down at him and wishing he would just kiss her already.

As always, Jake was too shy to make the move, so it was up to May to initiate the liplock. It reminded her of the first time, when his image inducer stopped working, and he'd looked up at her so scared and ashamed...

Sure, it might be like kissing sandpaper, but there was no way she was going to let such a sweet guy feel like a monster.

Back to the present, there was certainly something to be said about post-battle smooches. Why hadn't anyone told her how awesome they were?! She was definitely going to spread the message, some people seriously needed to know, like...

A sulfuric scent filled the air, and as if summounded by irony, there appeared Darkdevil in all his scowling outraged glory. Sharing a guilty look, the couple braced themselves for a lecture.

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Re: more like two times they kissed, actually.

Speaking of people who need to learn the joys of a post-battle lip lock... maybe he'd be less irritated and irritating if he got some.

Darkdevil desperately needs a girlfriend (or a boyfriend!). This is, like, a universal law. Sort of like Newton's laws.

Because nothing was said against requesting more than one, and he NEEDS a snog

(and also, I'm evil)


Darkdevil/Franklin Richards.

You should know, in my headcanon, Dormagus totally has a not that hetero mancrush on Franklin.

No spoilers, just sayin', that'll... probably make it's way into this somehow.

asdfkl; I... honestly don't know if I can do that unless he's all like WHOA WHOA NO

and then finally confesses.

because, let's face it, that's probably the only thing that would make him.

And then May would be all weirded out herself and need to take a shower in bleach.

I'd like to see her mistake her affection for him as a crush and Darkdevil to be like, "NO! What's wrong with you?!" Angst.

Or her canon crush on Reilly Tyne freaking him out.

Or Gerry being a really exitible fanboy who wants another "team up".

Okay this might sound messed up but I thought it would be funny. Electra meeting Darkdevil for the first time and mistaking him for Matt.

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